3 thoughts on “1622 Mijah and her Texas Beginnings: A Poem”

  1. Mijah comes from Africa, to the Concho Valley via the Colorado River. She encounters Christian Jumanos briefly. She has the ability (with a Concho River Snake’s Charm) to have legs and be dressed similarly to the humans she encounters. (287 words)

  2. I enjoyed writing an educational booklet for the Education Committee of the River Corrider Commission of San Angelo. In it, I used a mermaid. See the result of it here:
    At some point during the NON-FICTION story about the Concho River, I planned on using a fictional mermaid in some stories and/or poems. Hence, I created Mijah and her biography. Having her witness obviously Christian Jumanos interested me. I highly respect the Lady in Blue whereas the mermaid is a whimsical part of me.

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