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  1. Mijah witnesses the aftermath of the flood and a spat between a bobcat and orphaned coyote pup.
    (367 words)

  2. Mami Wata
    is the icon of Starbucks Coffee and a legendary mermaid with roots in Africa.
    One translation of Mami Wata is “Mother of the Water”.

    San Angelo is blessed with a striking mermaid statue displayed at the Celebration Bridge of the North Concho River. She is named “Pearl”.

    I humbly named a concho mermaid (for my poems) Mijah or “Daughter of the Water”.
    In this poem, a fictional version of a bobcat/coyote encounter, I have inserted Mijah Wata as a spectator.

    I taught Environmental Science at Lake View High School and when teaching about “niche” I wanted to have an example of two species competing for the same prize.
    I was inspired for the bobcat/coyote “fight” by a video I saw on youtube.

    I also wanted to impress upon my students that predators have an important role of culling or eating from a flock, the weakest (in this case the lamb least resistant to Foot Rot.)

    I’ve always been fascinated with Fort Concho History and the fort’s contribution to weather records. Since the youtube bobcat/coyote encounter was the result of a flood, I looked for a true time in history of excessive water in one month near Fort Concho.
    May of 1884 was my choice of time for this fictional bobcat/coyote fight.