2 thoughts on “1884 Fort Concho…What Mijah Wata Saw: A Poem”

  1. Mijah witnesses the aftermath of the flood and a spat between a bobcat and orphaned coyote pup.
    (367 words)

  2. Mami Wata http://africa.si.edu/exhibits/mamiwata/intro.html
    is the icon of Starbucks Coffee and a legendary mermaid with roots in Africa.
    One translation of Mami Wata is “Mother of the Water”.

    San Angelo is blessed with a striking mermaid statue displayed at the Celebration Bridge of the North Concho River. She is named “Pearl”. http://mermaidsofearth.com/mermaid-statues-mermaid-sculptures/public/pearl-of-the-conchos-a-mermaid-in-san-angelo-tx/

    I humbly named a concho mermaid (for my poems) Mijah or “Daughter of the Water”.
    In this poem, a fictional version of a bobcat/coyote encounter, I have inserted Mijah Wata as a spectator.

    I taught Environmental Science at Lake View High School and when teaching about “niche” I wanted to have an example of two species competing for the same prize.
    I was inspired for the bobcat/coyote “fight” by a video I saw on youtube.

    I also wanted to impress upon my students that predators have an important role of culling or eating from a flock, the weakest (in this case the lamb least resistant to Foot Rot.) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_wueWT2j_I

    I’ve always been fascinated with Fort Concho History and the fort’s contribution to weather records. Since the youtube bobcat/coyote encounter was the result of a flood, I looked for a true time in history of excessive water in one month near Fort Concho.
    May of 1884 was my choice of time for this fictional bobcat/coyote fight.

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