1884 Shy

This story is read aloud at: https://youtu.be/mZenRhZJ2H8

Synopsis: A benevolent youth keeps a secret disclosed, while helping an abused woman.        

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The Concho Valley in the early 1880s.
Shiloh as a typesetter for a newspaper.

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  1. I taught biology for 23 years. One of the topics we covered in the course was chromosomal abnormalities. Klinefelter Syndrome is actually fairly common. It is where someone is a male but with female physical characteristics. Also is the same unit of genetics we studied red-green color blindness as being more common in males. I thought I’d write a story that seems to be about a female (Shiloh) helping an narcissist abused survivor escape a failed marriage. But in reality someone is actually a male.

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