4 thoughts on “1885 Dumbfounded Duo”

    1. You might sometimes see this color
      On the feathers of a parrot
      It is the name of a fruit and
      The same color as a carrot What color am I?

      A branch in the shape of: Who, What, When, Where, ____, and How. What am I?

      I’m a creature of past What am I?

      I scribble forms of the finest letter, and repel elements of the harshest weather. I am a dust-breaker. What am I?

      I walked and walked and at last I got it;
      I didn’t want it, so I stopped and looked for it;
      When I found it, I threw it away. What am I?

      I come from a white flower on a rigid stalk above a half-globe.
      In the ground I am nothing, but give me time and I’ll be something. What am i?

      Rhymes with “clamber back”; found on bark of trees. What am I?

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