1888 Liza’s Lie

This story is read aloud at: https://youtu.be/O4f0glIAs4I

Synopsis: A mermaid gives a tired woman some temporary relief in the Concho River.

Pam Backlund drew Liza near the Lone Wolf Bridge.
Liza can’t believe her eyes.
Pam Backlund loves this old bridge.
Lone Wolf Bridge, San Angelo, Texas

1 thought on “1888 Liza’s Lie”

  1. I wanted to have a mermaid in a story, but didn’t want her to be real. I also wanted to have the Lone Wolf Bridge in a story. It is a symbol of freedom of non-heterosexual love among San Angelo residents. I had read “The Angel of Odd” by Edgar Allan Poe prior to writing this story. He and I both used supernatural characters to get a point across.

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