1889 Jumping to Conclusions

This story is read aloud at: https://youtu.be/loy4L5RFLH8

Synopsis: A crippled woman–doubting her husband’s love–is taken for a balloon ride to a mountain she’d been unable to climb.

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Pam Backlund drew this image.
Is it possible to lower a balloon to the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain?

1 thought on “1889 Jumping to Conclusions”

  1. I’ve always wanted to climb one of the hills in the area. My first choice would be Twin Buttes…however that is private land. My second choice would be “Devil’s Courthouse Mountain” on the north side of San Angelo. That hill was formerly called “Sugar Loaf Mountain” in the 1880’s. I doubt if I’ll ever climb either because of them all being private property, but in the 1880’s it would have been feasible.

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