Hi.   I am a retired school teacher.

I taught biology, chemistry, physics and environmental science for 23 years in San Angelo.  I got interested in literature even though I’ve not been formally educated in that category of communication.  So I write.  I think I improve as I practice.  My favorite stories so far are “Courting Fear”,  “Breaking the Bank” and “The Clock”.

I was born and raised in San Angelo.  At some point I became interested in the decade of 1880-90…as an anchor for my stories.  I have just been fascinated with what they had at the time and how quickly things changed in the Concho Valley as the decade progressed.

So I write historical fiction which means I try to research a topic from the past and then I spin my own fictional story.  Sometimes a true person shows up in the story.  That character would be portrayed as he/she is currently portrayed in historical references…nothing more and nothing less.

I never intend to portray the true person(s) as anything other than perfectly human.  And we humans have our gifts and our failings.  Stories must have conflict, so sometimes the failings are emphasized in the plots.

The fictional characters are all from my imagination and are not people who I know now or people who existed in the past.

I have another website which is NON-fiction for the most part.

             I have yet another website that includes my worksheets, labs, lesson plans and activities from when I was a teacher.